The Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program is a master’s program that combines focused lab and course work with a 9-month paid internship and professional development training to help students launch real careers in physics and engineering.

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We train students in the real-world knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the lab - and at the interview table.

We believe a graduate education should help you build skills necessary to excel in your career: technical expertise, hands-on experience, and the professional skills that allow you to be competitive in the industrial and national lab environment (communication, leadership, teamwork).  We have over 23 years of experience helping students launch their careers in the real world.

What Makes it Special

In 15 months, you can gain:

1) 9 months work experience.
Average annualized internship salary for 2021/22 is just over $65,000.

2) A master's degree in applied physics.
Focus areas in optics and semiconductors.

3) A professional network.
That will provide the foundation for a career.

4) A resume with something on it.
Close to 90% of student interns have regular positions within 3 months of completing internships.

5) More data about what industry is all about.
Even if you think you want a Phd, this program allows you to gain insight on what the marketplace is looking for - allowing you to be more strategic in choosing research that will allow you to build a marketable skill set and develop the professional skills that will make you more competitive.  Regardless of which trail you eventually blaze, this program allows you to do it with more data about the opportunities out there.

Our alumni work in a wide variety of roles including:

Optical Engineer • Manufacturing Engineer • Process Engineer • Engineering Manager • Applications Engineer • Product Quality Engineer • Analytics Engineer • Hardware Engineer • Systems Engineer • Scientist • Laser Engineer • Research Scientist • Yield Engineer • Product Development Engineer • Test Engineer • R&D Engineer • Software Engineer • Renewable Energy Engineer • Applied Physicist • Design Engineer • Staff Scientist • Optical Production Manager • Data Product Analyst • Operations Engineer • Software Product Manager • Failure Analysis Engineer • Supply Chain Engineer • R&D Manufacturing Scientist • Account Manager • Research Scientist • Engineering Lab Manager • Program Portfolio Manager

Questions?: Email Lynde Ritzow: lynde@uoregon.edu

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Program Requirements

The UO Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program has two tracks that a physics background is well-suited to:

Optical Materials & Devices
Photovoltaics & Semiconductors

To complete the degree, students complete:

4 classes in their focus area
2 elective classes in physics
9-month paid internship (roughly the equivalent of 3 UO quarters)
Students submit a research paper each quarter for credit during the internship.

The majority of students graduate in 15 months.

GRE Requirements: Not Required
Physics GRE Requirements: Not Required
TOEFL Requirements: Required

Description of your department culture

The UO Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program is relationship-focused. Our students become alumni and alumni become company partners. The strength of our relationships absolutely determines our success.

We believe we learn as much from students as they learn from us. We cast a wide net in recruitment in search of a diverse set of voices and experiences, knowing that those voices and experiences will help move science and technology forward by leaps and bounds. We seek to help launch the leaders of tomorrow.

We are part of the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact: https://accelerate.uoregon.edu/