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University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Our graduate program offers masters and doctoral degrees in both physics and astronomy; the physics MS requires a research thesis, while the astronomy MS can be course based.

Kent State University - Materials Science

Conventional liquid crystal displays were invented at the Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State. Our graduate program is a small one, with fewer than ten students entering each fall, and our alumni are in high demand—both in industry and in academia

New Mexico State University - Department of Astronomy

Recent graduate degree recipients have secured positions at the University of Chicago, Harvard University, Yale University, the Space Telescope Science Institute, NASA, NRAO/VLA, and Johns Hopkins University, to name but a few.

University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut is consistently ranked the Number 1 Public University in New England. The University’s first Physical Review article was published in 1899, and the first physics course was taught in 1918.

Arizona State University

As a student in the Department of Physics at Arizona State University, you’ll join forces with one of the most innovative and research-driven universities in the country to transcend the traditional boundaries of physics.

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

We are an enthusiastic department devoted to excellence in both teaching and research.

Texas Christian University

The TCU depart feels that Ph.D. graduate are our success stories, with 100% of our Physics PhD graduates employed.

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