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Find your graduate program.

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University of Alabama, Huntsville

Externally funded research is the foundation of our graduate program, which prepares our students for scientific challenges in private industry, government labs, or academia.

Eastern Michigan University

EMU is located in a large vibrant tech region with hundreds of laboratories and universities offering both collaborative and employment opportunities in fields supported by our Physics and Astronomy Department.

New Mexico State University - Department of Astronomy

Recent graduate degree recipients have secured positions at the University of Chicago, Harvard University, Yale University, the Space Telescope Science Institute, NASA, NRAO/VLA, and Johns Hopkins University, to name but a few.

University of California Riverside

We are leaders in several subfields of physics & astronomy. Our research foci include the origin and structure of the universe, the microscopic and macroscopic description of condensed matter and biological systems, and the physics of the environment

The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Our distinctive combination of strong academic programs, outstanding teaching, and a diverse student body make the College a unique destination for those seeking excellence in education, research, and entrepreneurship.

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