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Florida Atlantic University

The Department of Physics offers undergraduate programs leading to both BS and BA degrees. The Bachelor of Arts program offers a specialization in physics to students desiring a general cultural education.

West Virginia University

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers Masters of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees.

New Mexico State University - Department of Physics

Physicists study the basic principles and laws that govern the natural world. We engage in scientific and technological challenges, perform cutting-edge research, and discover new properties and conditions of space, time, energy, force and matter!

University of California Merced Department of Physics

UC Merced is the 10th and newest campus of the University of California, located in the Central Valley. We are a young, energetic, diverse, and rapidly growing department of 21 faculty and around 60 PhD students, from all over the US and the world.

Carnegie Mellon University

The Physics Department at Carnegie Mellon University offers a broad range of OPTIONS FOR UNDERGRADUATES, a strong GRADUATE PROGRAM, and cutting-edge RESEARCH.

Texas Tech University

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Texas Tech University invites applications for graduate study in physics, leading to a masters and/or doctoral degree.

Eastern Michigan University

EMU is located in a large vibrant tech region with hundreds of laboratories and universities offering both collaborative and employment opportunities in fields supported by our Physics and Astronomy Department.

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