The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Purdue is committed to training world-class physicists and astronomers in traditional and multidisciplinary research areas.

We seek a graduate student body of superior intellect and accomplishment from within Indiana, across the United States, and around the world. Our department welcomes all individuals from all cultures to form an enriching and diverse community of physicists. We consider a diverse faculty, staff and student body to be essential ingredients of a first rate department. We are committed to fostering an environment that promotes freedom of expression and tolerance for individuals having differing points of view and cultural backgrounds. It is our goal to increase the human and intellectual diversity of the Department of Physics and Astronomy and to maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect for all.


Program Requirements

Bachelor's degree requirements:
Bachelor's degree in Physics or related disciplines is required.
Minimum undergraduate GPA: 3.0
GRE Requirements: Not Required
Physics GRE Requirements: Not Required
TOEFL Requirements: Required

Description of your department culture

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Purdue has a long and rich history dating back to 1904 and has been involved in many key discoveries since then including the demonstration of the transistor effect, and the discoveries of the top quark and Higgs Boson to name a few. Today our department includes cutting edge research in the areas of applied physics, astrophysics, AMO, biophysics, condensed matter, nuclear, high energy particle, education and planetary/geophysics.
Within our department’s graduate community, the Physics Graduate Student Association (PGSA) is a vibrant group that provides resources to our students and plans year-round professional and social events outside the classroom/laboratory. The PGSA runs a weekly Graduate Student Seminar Series where students have the opportunity to present their research to their fellow students. Further, the Graduate Women in Physics group within the department is an organization of female graduate students and faculty mentors that provides support through discussions and social networking and is a vehicle to raise issues related to women in the field of physics.