The CWRU Physics graduate program is strong and vibrant.

Students who come to CWRU will join a congenial department with faculty working on world-class research in Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics, Biophysics, Condensed Matter Physics and Medical Imaging Physics. We are a physics department that values highly both its cutting-edge research programs and its commitment to education of its students, and the synergy between research and teaching in the education of undergraduate as well as graduate students. Members of our faculty are regularly recognized for excellence in teaching and mentoring.

A 2006 survey by Academic Analytics, LLC, part of which was published in the Chronicle of Higher Education, rated this department as 16th out of the 172 Ph.D. granting physics departments in the U.S. in scholarly productivity, on a per faculty basis, as measured by items such as publications, citations, research grants, and awards.

Program Requirements

30 graduate credit hours in approved program including six required hours; Master's exam required; thesis option; no residence or language requirement.

Up to 36 hours of coursework is required (may be reduced by graduate coursework done elsewhere) plus 18 hours of thesis coursework; comprehensive and topical exams, dissertation, and dissertation exam required; one-year residency; no language exam required.
See http://www.phys.cwru.edu/grad/phd.php.

Other degrees:
Thesis may be written in absentia.
GRE Requirements: Not Required
Physics GRE Requirements: Not Required
TOEFL Requirements: Required

Description of your department culture

The Physics Department is congenial and interactive at all levels. The department sponsors a weekly tea, a departmental colloquium, and weekly seminars in both condensed matter physics and particle astrophysics, along with a cosmology theory coffee hour. Faculty and students working in different topical areas interact frequently both within and outside the department. The vast majority of faculty and student offices and labs are located within a tight 100-meter radius of the main department office. The CWRU Physics Graduate Student Association meets weekly to advocate for issues of concern to graduate students including issues related to coursework, research, mentorship, inclusiveness, quality of graduate student life, and career options. The PGSA also sponsors numerous social gatherings. Many graduate students persue outside interests including science education and outreach, intramural athletics, the arts and music, and numerous Cleveland area cultural and social amenities. The Department of Physics and the Physics Graduate Student Association are working actively with each other and with the University to continuously improve the academic, social, and cultural environments for all of our graduate students. The Department is actively committed to working toward the success of every admitted students in the Ph.D. program.