A degree in physics provides valuable research and critical thinking skills which prepare students for a variety of careers.

Utah State University is located in Logan, Utah, in the heart of Cache Valley. The Cache Valley region of northern Utah is a scenic mountainous part of the country with ample opportunities for nearby outdoor activity both winter and summer.

The city of Logan offers a small town atmosphere with an extensive cultural program sponsored by the University, the Utah Festival Opera Company, and Utah Theatre. Salt Lake City is only 90 minutes away, and readily accessible by well-maintained highways throughout the year.

Program Requirements

Required coursework. Thesis.

Required coursework. Qualification decision made after first year. Candidacy exam in the third year. Dissertation.
GRE Requirements: Required
Physics GRE Requirements: Recommended
TOEFL Requirements: Required

Description of your department culture

The Utah State University Physics Department is known for its congeniality and dedication to its students. With 18 full-time faculty members, we are big enough to offer multiple research options, but also small enough to provide more personalized attention for individual students. Beyond their engagement in research, our graduate students are encouraged to participate in public outreach and mentorship of undergraduates. Some gain valuable experience by teaching their own classes. The Physics Department supports and promotes inclusivity and diversity, and maintains an active Women in Physics Group. The physics graduate procedures have recently been reworked to lower traditional hurdles to starting research and to facilitate student progress toward degree attainment.