Graduate students in our department are actively engaged in frontier research using state-of-the-art equipment with internationally recognized faculty mentors, and in establishing excellent independent research practices for their future careers.

The University of Georgia Department of Physics and Astronomy offers comprehensive graduate degrees at both the Masters and Doctorate levels. Both degree programs have two main goals: Achieving a broad background in Physics, Applied Physics, or Physics and Astronomy through rigorous coursework and various seminars & colloquium, and developing independent research skills through the completion of an original thesis project. Graduate students in this department are actively engaged in frontier research with their faculty mentors, publishing articles in the top physics and astronomy journals and presenting their work at national and international conferences. At present, the Department has active experimental, theoretical, and computational research programs in a wide range of areas.

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Program Requirements

GRE Requirements: Required
Physics GRE Requirements: Not Required
TOEFL Requirements: Required

Description of your department culture

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Georgia has 25 full-time faculty members and more than 60 graduate students. The department strives to foster a friendly and welcoming atmosphere between students and faculty, and has established several activities to reinforce the student-faculty relationship:

- On Thursday afternoons, the Department hosts a colloquium or seminar that faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduate students attend. Graduate students are encouraged to meet with the world-renowned speakers on the days of these events.
- The weekly Graduate Student Coffee Hour invites graduate students and faculty members to join in a social gathering.
- The Department welcomes each new cohort of graduate students with an annual welcome reception and celebrates their accomplishments each year with a graduate student award ceremony.
- A graduate student is requested to attend each faculty meeting in order to share their thoughts with faculty members.
- The Chair of the Graduate Student Committee meets regularly with department Chair.

Our faculty members, staff members as well as graduate students are very friendly to new graduate students or applicants. You can get answers and help from them whenever you ask or email.

Usually a graduate student is supported financially by a teaching assistantship in the first year, and he/she is encouraged to find a research advisor during the first year. The student will be continuously supported by either the research assistantship or the teaching assistantship for the rest of his/her research career in the Department.

Many graduate students in the Department will also work together with one or more undergraduate students during their degree pursuing period to develop their leadership and advising abilities.